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Get a high quality water filtration system installed in your home by Erik Matthews Plumbing & Heating. You can feel confident in our professional services and installers and choose from a variety of types of water filtration systems we offer. Contact us today!

Count on Our Water Filtration Systems

A high quality water filtration system will solve your water purification needs. Our expert team will help you choose the best water filtration system for your home. We can also repair and maintain any water purification systems.

Professional Water Treatment System Benefits

Water Purification
Water purification is a a necessity to ensure your water is clean and safe for your family to use and drink. You can count us to guide you through the water purification process.

Water Softener
A water softener is a device that is designed to remove hardness from your home’s water supply. Our team can help ensure your water softener is professionally installed.

Reverse Osmosis Systems
A reverse osmosis system is an essential piece of equipment for your water purification. If you want to truly improve the quality of your water, this is the perfect solution.

Water Testing
We also offer water testing services. This process helps us understand the root of your water problem.

Acid Neutralizers
Acidic water is a problem in many Long Island homes. If your water has low acidity, an acid neutralizer is a good option for your home. This is a single-tank option that will address the pH in your water and eliminate acidic water. This product eliminates problems related to acidic water, such as blue-green stains in tubs and sinks, on copper fixtures, or pipes, by raising the pH to a neutral level.

Ultraviolet Systems
If there are biological contaminants in the water in your home, an ultraviolet system will help remove them from your water supply. We have multiple options to choose from.

Sulfur Guard
If you’re facing sulfur water issue a quality sulfur guard water treatment is the best solution. We exclusively use sulfur guard products from Kinetico.

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